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Bringing people together since 2005

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"We hired Leigh to provide our conference attendees entertainment during one of the evening events. He was absolutely terrific! He had heads shaking in disbelief table by table. He is a very charming young entertainer that made everyone watch his every move. I really do not know how he does what he does but it was certainly entertaining to watch".

Larry De Shon, President of Avis Budget Group, Conference - Hampshire, February 2016



As the founder of Edge of Magic, Leigh has over 10 years’ experience as a professional magician and icebreaker specialising in breaking the ice between guests meeting for the first time at events across the UK and worldwide. He began performing magic at a very early age and now has the pleasure of bringing people together as his full time career.

Known as The Professional Icebreaker, Leigh's core focus is to bring groups of guests together that don’t already know each other. He does this by memorising everyone’s names at the event, giving them the best first impression when introducing guests to each other whilst performing dazzling sleight of hand magic which means that you the organiser can relax knowing that your guests will be making new friends and contacts, being thoroughly looked after as well as entertained.

Giving your event the edge of magic, Leigh uses cards, coins, rope, string, pens, cups, balls and borrowed objects such as finger rings, bottles and notes to create a personal moment with guests for a more memorable experience. The magic is the kind you’d see on the likes on TV but witnessed up close right before your eyes. The tricks that will be performed are modern, engaging and highly entertaining with a few twists within them!

Leigh's philosophy is to make sure every guest is entertained and conversation is flowing at events or occasions as well as taking a little strain off of the event planner! Whether for 6 or 1000 guests, Leigh believes that the experience should be the same for all. 

For larger scale events Leigh offers a service which can supply other top quality professional magicians, icebreakers and performers with over 10,000 hours of experience and knowledge!

Choosing The Professional Icebreaker will guarantee that you and your guests receive a truly remarkable and unforgettable experience.


Save the awkwardness between guests meeting for the first time using Leigh's magic as the perfect way for first impressions and introductions.