A Rather Magical Wedding Proposal

September 13, 2018

I love my job it is so varied. 

Back in September 2017 I was asked by a friend to do something pretty special for his girlfriend. It was fast approaching to be her birthday and so thought it must be something related to that. However, in actually fact it was that he was going to propose and wanted my help...



So we arranged to meet for a drink and to plan how we could pull off a magical proposal. He wanted me to produce the engagement ring using my sleight of hand. One of the things we went over was that it would have to appear in her hands... somehow and then he could fall to one knee and continue with the proposal.

We needed the trick to be personal, dazzling and most importantly the ring must be produced in her hands. After throwing ideas around and a couple more beers later we had a rough idea on how to accomplish this. Next was to set up the event...



Whilst I was setting up the performance on the ring production, he got to work at setting up the event; where we would do this, what day and why I would be doing magic?! 
We used her birthday as an opportunity to invite me along and to perform a private magic show at a time of her choosing at her house - so perfect really!



Whilst he was setting up the event, I was going through different ways to produce the ring by magic. I should point out at this point that I didn't have the ring to practice. I thought it would be better if he kept it for safe keeping!! 

Some of my first attempts included the use of fire, ice and even fruit. These would've been great if I didn't have to then give the ring over to him. I was determined to find a trick which in affect she could do without knowing and then I worked out how! 

I knew she was a big fan of Hobbycraft (who isn't!) and so I went and popped in to buy all the props I needed to create the trick. After several hours browsing Hobbycraft I came out with different coloured papers. Although this wasn't a firey appearance or found in an unbelievable location, it was personal, could be performed by her (without her knowing) and perfect. Now I just had to learn what to do and how I would perform it... 




The day came and I turned up to her house. I met my friend in the hall way before heading into the living room where she would watch the magic show. He gave me the ring and I put it safely away in my jacket pocket. I was going to do some magic and then end with my finale by making the ring appear. I don't think there's anything I could do after his proposal if I am honest - how can anyone compete with that!

So I started to entertain him, his girlfriend (soon to be fiance) and her housemate. It was a very close and personal performance in which I very much enjoyed. 

I got to my final trick (the finale). 

I asked if anyone has some change we could do something special with. I got him to sign a coin and placed it in her hand to be squeezed. As she closed her hand into a fist I made a magical gesture and clicked my fingers. I asked her to open her hand to reveal that the signed coin had transformed into a different coin but with the same signature on it. Crazy right?! Book me to see this trick in action. The proposal afterwards is up to you!

Next I unravelled the coloured piece of paper. They were layered like a parcel one inside of the other. I asked her to take the pieces and place the coin inside. Once she did I then asked her to fold the pieces up along the creases. She once again followed my instructions until she was left with a parcel of papers. I made a magical gesture over the parcel and then asked her finally to open up the layers. 
As she started to open up the layers I looked across and gave the signal that he needs to get ready to propose. This turned out to be a perfect trick as the layers created a bit of suspense and the fact that she was performing the trick without even knowing it.
The last part was unravelled and there where the coin layed before is now a ring. Picture this, she is holding different coloured pieces of paper with a ring sitting neatly on top.

I stepped back.

He then knelt in front of her to do his performance...  And she then said "Yes!"



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