Part of the @edgeofmagic my facebook page I am posting my favourite TV Magic Shows I'd recommend watching if you haven't already... (Or just rewatch them as they're very good!)

So I'd like to start off with the king of magic - David Blaine

David Blaine is essentially the magician who created street magic where he would perform to people outside with borrowed objects. The streets were his stage. 

I understand that many people aren't a fan of Blaine, however I think he is a very clever, dexterous and uniquely brilliant performer and one in which has kept my love of magic alive.


He may do some weird things involving endurance like living in a box for 40 days without food or being buried alive or even frozen... But now and again he goes quiet, to later produce something completely fresh and above all new.


As magicians we are always two steps ahead when performing (and 3 steps ahead at corporate events for those interesting guests!) David Blaine is two steps ahead in front of magicians! He unlike others on TV bang out series after series of tricks with no thought or narrative.

David creates and produces amazing content that really makes you think. He takes time out, to research, to work with the best in the business, to resurface a couple of years later with a piece of outstanding magic!


In 2013 Blaine came out from the darkness with his brand new hour long special: 'Real or Magic?' (which can be found on youtube for you all to enjoy here: Real or Magic Special). The title alone sets the scene. He starts off performing to a variety of celebrities showing them an ice pick and then he starts pushing it through his hand. Yes you heard that right!


Now as a magician, even I am questioning; is this a trick or is it magic?! I mean he wouldn't push a sharp object through his hands even if there was a small chance of hitting a nerve - magicians' hands are everything to them!

It's got to be a trick, but then it's so open and there's nothing to be hidden. It's just a pure fixating magical spectacle and this is just the beginning of the programme!!


Check out the video here below and then tell me on my facebook page: @edgeofmagic, is it Real or Magic?


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